Why Beta Testing Is So Important For Games

There were no better times for players, who wanted to try out new games before they were released. Developers of well-known games offer users to try out test versions that allow everyone to play new games for weeks or even months before they are released.

What Are the Beta Testing For?

There are several reasons for launching beta games. The main one is that developers can check the performance of their servers, at a time when many users are in the game at the same time. The second reason is based on the ability to determine exactly how users will play in a new project. For example, in online shooters, developers can mark those points on the map, where there are more kills and shootings. Using this information, you can create new routes, minimizing the number of “empty”, quiet areas.

The beta version also allows you to track the balance of weapons, characters, etc. Often, developers use the information obtained to adjust the power of the weapon, the class of characters and the complexity of the cards. Whatever the reason for launching the trial version, players who have access to it may consider themselves winners.

Possible Disadvantages

Beta game players can test a raw game for free before its final release, while developers save on salaries to professional testers. It’s not that demos are always correctly and correctly modeled. Since they are often aimed at checking the capabilities of the server, they may be unreliable. In the meantime, you cope with all the flaws of beta games, you can get a mobile casino free signup bonus for registration in a new casino.

Servers are falling, developers are trying to fix the flaws. At this time, players are forced to remain in limbo in the game menu mode. In addition, regardless of whether you are gaining experience or honing the abilities of your hero in the beta, points are not counted after testing the game. Do not expect that by running the full version, you will return to your achievements. Sometimes developers clean the beta history in the middle of a trial, bringing the overall progress to zero.

Where to Find Beta Versions

Of course, the biggest question is, how do you know if a beta version of a game is running? The easiest way to follow developer news on Twitter, Facebook or another preferred social network. There will always be announcements about the start of beta testing and instructions for registration. In addition, information may be on the website of the game. Please note that not all games release beta versions. In addition, since they are aimed at checking servers, the number of possible registered users is limited.

Types of Beta Versions

Beta versions are divided into two types: closed and open.

The first ones are related to rather exclusive projects, therefore you are required to obey all requirements without any conditions. Often, access to a closed beta version depends on pre-ordering the game.

In order to play the open beta version, you do not even need to complete a full registration. Everything you need to download from the online store version for your console is completely free. Then, when testing is started, you can play it just like any other game.

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