Websites to Relax with While Taking a Break from Gaming

Even if you are the most avid gambler and like best Barcrest casino, sometimes you just need a break from the games. Pictures, sounds – in the course goes everything. And this is completely normal! We provide you the best websites to relax while taking a break from gaming.


Seriously, when you come in, it says “Welcome to Calm”. You can select “guided calm” or “timer”. When choosing the first one, you get, so to speak, an extended pleasure: an unknown voice will tell you what to do to relax. Personally, I prefer a timer: the noise of the surf or rain in the forest with visualization is ideal. The choice of entourage and sounds is rich.

Do nothing for 2 minutes

2-minute idleness. I really like this thing. She leaves no chance to shy away from the rest. You go to the site and no longer have the right to act the whole 2 minutes. A centimeter with the mouse to the right, a centimeter to the left – shooting, or rather, resetting the timer. Severely. The site will not lag behind until you sit quietly for these unfortunate 2 minutes. In general, sometimes – this is all that is needed to make a quick reset of the socket.

Get Relaxed

If the previous site did not help, try this one. The figure of the little man at the top of the screen shows what to do. Namely, sit back in your chair, put your hands up behind your head and watch a slideshow from natural landscapes under one of the 15 tracks (they easily change right under the picture). The duration of each from 2 to 4 minutes.

Lounge V Studio

Fascination, which is not satisfied with the pictures with music, may be interested in the video. This resource offers small videos about nature. Cast: the sounds of nature, the underwater landscape, paradise, and the rocking boat. This is not all performers. In general, try. By the way, you can buy the full version and enjoy this spectacle as much as three hours.

A soft murmur

Very concise nice interface. All kinds of sounds are represented by pictures, under each icon is a volume slider. You can play with the mixer, mixing the sound of rain with the sound of a crackling fire and so on. Right now I am writing these lines under the sound of waves – it perfectly distracts from a noisy printer nearby.

Nature sounds for me

The principle here is the same as in the previous resource, only the design is not so pleasantly minimalistic, and the mixer is more intricate. But the sounds are more than 10 times: you can turn on to the sounds of children decorating the house, or under Darth Vader’s breath – all sorts of perverts happen. And one more advantage – you can save your own composition, which you can add to your taste (below there is a button “save as a link “).

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