Russian Payment Systems On The Rise

There are 3 leading payment systems that can be distinguished in Russia. But we think it is unlikely that they can be placed in their strictest places. In each individual case, it will be necessary to choose specifically for your needs. For example, Qiwi is truly a “people’s” system and everyone who knows what payment terminals are working with it. At the same time, WebMoney is used by almost everyone who makes money on the Internet. Yandex Money also has its own audience.


This system gained popularity mainly due to the huge number of Qiwi terminals, which are “branches” of the user’s personal account. Thus, even those who are not particularly friendly with the Internet joined Kiwi. This payment service is used by ordinary citizens who watch TV more often than go to the global Internet, but who need to make payments and money transfers, pay fines, replenish their mobile phone or Internet provider.

You can also install applications for your mobile phone or go to your Qiwi wallet through a regular browser on your computer. Due to the huge user audience, in Qiwi, funds are entered and many services are paid without commission. You can withdraw electronic money from Qiwi in various ways (via instant payment systems, to bank details or to payment cards), but in most of them, they will charge you a certain percentage (commission).


The main electronic unit of mutual settlements on the Internet space of Russia. Without registering and receiving your WMID in WebMoney, it will be difficult for you to pay for any service or get a fee for the work performed in the Russian-language segment of the network. The commission for the transfer of funds is not very large – 0.8%.

At the same time, this electronic money does not have such popularity outside the Internet (like Qiwi). Not many users pay for a communal apartment using WebMoney, but most of the money earned on the Internet is received and withdrawn from this Internet payment system. Also, many people use this system to make a deposit in the WebMoney online casinos and then withdraw money.

You also need to understand that there are various online currencies that have circulation inside this system. Currencies, of course, conditional (in fact, these are just title units), but are strictly tied to the official exchange rate of real (fiat money) currencies coinciding with them. The main ones, of course, are dollars (WMZ) and rubles (WMR), but also have circulation in euros (WME), hryvnias (WMU), Belarusian rubles (WMB), etc. In connection with this, it is often necessary to exchange one electronic currency WebMoney to another.

Yandex Money

This is another quite popular payment system in Russia. This probably takes a middle position between Qiwi and WebMoney, because it is used by those who make money on the Internet, and those who pay for something with this electronic money.

The security of working with Yandex money is pretty high, but it can still be stolen by social engineering or phishing. This system is attractive because you can attach a plastic card from Yandex to your wallet so that later you can use it to pay in the store and in all other places where they accept MasterCard.

This payment system allows you to deposit and withdraw funds in many ways, as well as pay for many services and goods. There is a mobile phone application that allows you to conveniently work with your electronic wallet without having to download a browser.

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