Reasons to Play Blackjack for Free

The Game of Blackjack

Variations of blackjack have been played for centuries throughout the world. Known as the poor man’s stud poker, when played in a heads-up game, blackjack or three card brag, as it is sometimes known, can be a very cruel game indeed. Fortunes have been won and lost at blackjack, and players have received a very rapid education as to why it is not a game to be taken lightly.

As a land casino game, blackjack also has built up a difficult reputation. Most casinos have several blackjack tables and they are almost always full of players, most of whom really don’t know what they are doing and are just out to have a good time. The problem is that these are the players that spoil it for those who have some inkling of blackjack strategy and while they may also be playing for enjoyment they would also like to win, every now and again!

Since online casinos came on the scene, a whole new set of opportunities have opened up for the players who take their blackjack seriously. For a start, they can play on a table alone, and as many hands, as they want, without someone else having any say whatsoever on how the hand will work out. Not only that, but newer players or even experienced ones can have the advantage of playing for free as a guest player at any of the affiliate casinos on our list.

Some would say: what is the point of playing blackjack for free. After all, the real excitement is wagering for real money. Those players who have taken that piece of thinking a stage or two forward might say, well why not learn to play the game as well as possible before I put my money on the felt. And experienced players might say, while I know how to play blackjack and have come up against every conceivable strategy in a real money situation, it can still be fun to practice. Cricket players practice, chess players practice, so why can’t blackjack players practice?

And in the true spirit that embodies the online gaming industry, online casinos are very willing to provide guest facilities to players who want to learn or sharpen their game. Something that good can never happen in a land casino.

An interesting fact is that since the birth of online casinos, there are hundreds of blackjack players who have joined casinos as guests and who have yet to deposit even a penny. They play the game for the sake of it and have never been pressured to join a casino as a real money player. For some inspiration read the article about Don Johnson who won nearly $6 million playing blackjack.

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