How Much Do You Need To Live In Australia For A Month?

How much is life in Australia? The article is written in the example of prices in Sydney. In other cities, prices will vary. First of all, we want to say that the average monthly income in Sydney per person after taxes is 4 thousand 500 dollars per month. We also want to immediately say that you are not afraid of numbers. Despite the big expenses, Australians still have some funds, about a quarter, for entertainment and travel, including the using of Australian casinos with POLi, as this is one of the favorite entertainment of Australians.

Housing costs

For renting a one-room apartment in the center of Sydney, you will have to pay 2,300 dollars a month. But a studio apartment outside the center of Sydney will cost you $ 1,700 per month. A three-room apartment in the center of Sydney will cost 4,600 dollars, and a three-room apartment in a not in the center – 2,800 dollars. If you decide to buy your home, then be ready to lay out 13 thousand 700 dollars per square meter in the center of Sydney. However, the same area is not in the center of Sydney will cost 8,200 Australian dollars.

Charges for invoices

On average, a family spends $ 184 a month to pay for electricity, gas, and consular services. The average per minute on a mobile phone will take 73 cents. 69 dollars you pay for the Internet per month.

Food costs

Now about the prices of food. On average, an Australian family of 4 leaves $ 250 a week in supermarkets. Milk costs 9.69 dollars per 1 liter. A loaf of bread 2.93 dollars. 1 kilogram of rice 2.88 dollars. And for a dozen eggs have to pay 4.62 dollars. Beef tenderloin for 1 kilogram $ 16.37 (by the way, meat in Australia is of excellent quality).

Costs for restaurants

Australia has a kitchen from around the world and, on average, an Australian family of four spends about $ 100 a week on restaurants. Food in an inexpensive restaurant will cost $ 16 per person. Dinner for two at a mid-level restaurant with three meals will cost you 80 AUD. Lunch at McDonald’s will cost 10 AUD.

Transport costs

On average, a one-way trip to Australia costs $ 4. For $ 160 you can buy a monthly subscription. Car maintenance will cost you about $ 250 per month.

Buying clothes

Brand clothing is expensive everywhere, but at least in Australia, there is no need to spend money on fur coats, boots, etc. A pair of sneakers will cost $ 144, well, a pair of men’s leather shoes will cost $134.

The cost of entertainment

Also, Australians do not deny themselves fun and love sports. A subscription to fitness or gym will cost 69 Australian dollars. 1 hour of tennis at the weekend will cost $ 21. A trip to the cinema for one person will cost 18 Australian dollars.

So, we want to summarize the above. The largest item of expenditure is mortgage payment for housing (or rental housing), then the payment for food, clothing, and transportation. But no matter how you try to save the minimum cost of living in Australia in Sydney for a month will be about 2,000 dollars.

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