Addiction to gambling – take a look into your brain

People treat gambling as a great pastime. They don’t really care if they lose from time to time as the goal of such activity is having fun. There are people that treat gambling as something more than having fun. They take it too seriously and the result of each game may influence everyday life quality. Psychologists state that gambling can become an addiction for people that lack self-control.


It’s not about drugs or alcohol. If we refer to the DSM-5, gambling disorder is an addiction – one of the serious psychiatric disorders. Some people consider such a problem as not serious – they compare it to the desire to buy things by a compulsive shopper. And they think that the same therapy would work for those who are addicted to gambling.

In reality, therapy for abusers should be used for addicted players as it provides more good results. This problem is deeply examined by the National Center for Responsible Gaming.


We know how drug addicts behave and what we can expect from them. We know how to treat people with mental disabilities. But what about the game addicts? Well, doctors state that a reward in a game acts out as a drug. So we should consider treating gamblers as drug addicts.
What happens inside the body of a gambler? It’s the dopamine that is released in the human brain. You get a reward and you get a dose of dopamine. It’s a great and pleasant feeling – you can experience this after having sex or eating chocolate.

It’s hard to compare playing a game in one of online casino Poland and having sex. But we activate the same areas of the brain that release the very thing that gives us the right feeling. There are people that are vulnerable to any kind of addiction. This happens because their reward circuitry is underactive.

If there’s a disorder, the level of dopamine is decreased. Such people are likely to gain Parkinson’s disease in the future because of dopamine wrong functioning.

Is there a way out?

We should state that people that are addicted to gambling are absolutely normal people like we all are. They have one thing in their brain that pushes them to get the dose of dopamine and get some excitement that they cannot experience in everyday life. Of course, environmental factors also influence the behavior of a person.

There are associations that are always ready to assist you if you have any worries or troubles: the National Council on Problem Gambling, GambleAware, and Gamblers Anonymous. Most of the organizations are open 24/7.

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