100 Pandas Give 100% Fun

Bamboo pandas are an endangered species listed in the Red Book. This species belongs to endangered animals and they are desperately trying to save them. Of course, it would be very sad if these cute creatures disappeared. It is not strange that this story inspired the IGT developers of slot machines, and they created a 100 pandas slot machine.

Theme Slot Description

A very interesting plot, a rather romantic story that gives hope that the pandas will not die out completely. You will see a family of pandas in China. By the way, did you know that in the Chinese Republic the death penalty is provided for killing a panda? The theme of the slot is new and the plot is unique. Play fun and interesting. Watch the life of the panda family – pure pleasure. Little pandas are especially adorable. The brilliance of the game and an interesting plot is achieved largely through the design.

Design of the Slot Description

The design of the 100 Pandas slot is more than exciting. The graphics are at a very high level. The background image is a bamboo forest, where you can see lots of green and shades. The background of the drums is light beige and neutral. Animations are not provided, winning symbols just blink. Sound design harmonizes with the theme. The interface of the gaming machine 100 pandas is modern and unusual at first glance. Here you will find all the necessary function buttons.

Gameplay Description

Firstly, we recommend you to choose only the top rated IGT online casinos, where you can fully enjoy the game. If you want to start playing the slot you need to choose the number of lines from 1 to 100. Yes, this number is simply huge, but it is symbolic because the name is 100 pandas and there are 100 active lines in this slot. Then you should make a bet. After this, you can to spin the reels. For this, you should use the Spin button. When you play. it’s fun and there are symbols that make the game more interesting and profitable. Yin Yang is a scatter symbol that can bring 10 free spins.

In fact, it is not only pandas that attract attention, but also the Chinese style: all the signs and symbols present encourage philosophical reflections on the eternal. Rate the quality game right now, because you need to rest with benefits and correctly. Learn a little more new and win. Entertainment and emotions guarantee.

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