Thrilling US Dollar Facts

The US dollar is the most popular currency in the world. The appearance of gray-green bills is known to everyone and everyone, but a lot of interesting facts are connected with the origin, history, and circulation of the dollar.

The American dollar is a debt receipt issued by a private entity of the United States of America called the Federal Reserve

When buyers buy the dollar, they thereby create the foundation for the currency. In fact, the dollar is a paper with pictures, but it gains value when people, countries invest various assets in it, forming the demand for it.

The most significant currency denomination ever printed in America was $100,000

The release of this bill was carried out until 1945, but Richard Nixon officially banned its issuance back in 1969. He also banned the printing of banknotes, the face value of which was above 100 US dollars. By the way, on gambling sites currency option you can see casino dollar choice and use all the advantages of using this currency.

In 1929, they adopted the standard of what the American dollar should look like.

The standard said that on the front of the bill should be a portrait, on the back – monuments, emblems.

1 dollar is the most popular bill

Slightly less than 50 percent of all US dollar bills that carry out the turnover is made in the face value of 1 dollar.

Statements that the US is against gender division of the world according to gender are not valid

So, in the whole history, only 1 time in the US currency was a woman imprinted on the front side of the currency. In March 1886, Washington appeared on a dollar bill in denominations of $1.

What about cocaine?

It is a known fact that 97 percent of all US dollar bills in circulation have traces of cocaine since drug trafficking around the world does not go past the dollar.

The American dollar is a military currency

For the first time paper will money in circulation during the Civil War in the United States of America, the goal was to pay for the resources expended during the war, but there were not enough funds, because people kept the money and did not release them for circulation.

America’s first paper money

In 1690, for the first time in America, paper money was issued by the authorities of Massachusetts, which at that time was a colony, but today only the money issued by the Fed is considered solvent. If you are ever offered an American currency denomination in the face value of 100 thousand dollars, issued in 1945, feel free to take it, because it is solvent today.

The dollar has increased ability and wear, because the currency, in fact, is used daily

To date, the dollar has reached a peak wear resistance – more than 4 thousand bends. That is, the dollar can be bent and unfolded 4,000 times before the rupture of the bill appears.

Depending on the level of demand for each dollar denomination, there is a circulation period

1 dollar serves 22 months, 5 dollars – 24 months, 10 dollars – 18 months, 20 dollars – 25 months, 50 dollars – 55 months, a 100 dollar bill can withstand 5 years of turnover.

Race issues

In the history of the printing of the dollar, there has never been a portrait of an African American on the front side, despite the fact that racial equality is regulated in the United States.

Russian Payment Systems On The Rise

There are 3 leading payment systems that can be distinguished in Russia. But we think it is unlikely that they can be placed in their strictest places. In each individual case, it will be necessary to choose specifically for your needs. For example, Qiwi is truly a “people’s” system and everyone who knows what payment terminals are working with it. At the same time, WebMoney is used by almost everyone who makes money on the Internet. Yandex Money also has its own audience.


This system gained popularity mainly due to the huge number of Qiwi terminals, which are “branches” of the user’s personal account. Thus, even those who are not particularly friendly with the Internet joined Kiwi. This payment service is used by ordinary citizens who watch TV more often than go to the global Internet, but who need to make payments and money transfers, pay fines, replenish their mobile phone or Internet provider.

You can also install applications for your mobile phone or go to your Qiwi wallet through a regular browser on your computer. Due to the huge user audience, in Qiwi, funds are entered and many services are paid without commission. You can withdraw electronic money from Qiwi in various ways (via instant payment systems, to bank details or to payment cards), but in most of them, they will charge you a certain percentage (commission).


The main electronic unit of mutual settlements on the Internet space of Russia. Without registering and receiving your WMID in WebMoney, it will be difficult for you to pay for any service or get a fee for the work performed in the Russian-language segment of the network. The commission for the transfer of funds is not very large – 0.8%.

At the same time, this electronic money does not have such popularity outside the Internet (like Qiwi). Not many users pay for a communal apartment using WebMoney, but most of the money earned on the Internet is received and withdrawn from this Internet payment system. Also, many people use this system to make a deposit in the WebMoney online casinos and then withdraw money.

You also need to understand that there are various online currencies that have circulation inside this system. Currencies, of course, conditional (in fact, these are just title units), but are strictly tied to the official exchange rate of real (fiat money) currencies coinciding with them. The main ones, of course, are dollars (WMZ) and rubles (WMR), but also have circulation in euros (WME), hryvnias (WMU), Belarusian rubles (WMB), etc. In connection with this, it is often necessary to exchange one electronic currency WebMoney to another.

Yandex Money

This is another quite popular payment system in Russia. This probably takes a middle position between Qiwi and WebMoney, because it is used by those who make money on the Internet, and those who pay for something with this electronic money.

The security of working with Yandex money is pretty high, but it can still be stolen by social engineering or phishing. This system is attractive because you can attach a plastic card from Yandex to your wallet so that later you can use it to pay in the store and in all other places where they accept MasterCard.

This payment system allows you to deposit and withdraw funds in many ways, as well as pay for many services and goods. There is a mobile phone application that allows you to conveniently work with your electronic wallet without having to download a browser.

Figaro Here, Figaro There

The word Figaro was used to refer to many different plays and operas, as well as a number of publications and entertainment functions. Mozart’s proposal is an opera buffa, or comic opera, in four separate acts, which was composed in 1786. The story explains how the two servants, Figaro and Suzanne, manage to get married, despite all the efforts of their employer Count Almaviva to seduce Suzanne. This is one of the most frequently performed operas today and is the cornerstone of the repertoire. The game itself is created with fairly high-quality graphics, which makes your visual experience as attractive as possible.

General information

This is a simple video slot that you can handle. Just select the number of lines you want to play – 5, 100, 200, 300 or all 466 – then select the multiplier you want to apply, from 1x at 90p to 1000x for £ 900. It is clear that there are a huge number of betting options that suit everyone: from sandals in the gods to a good heel on the shelves.

High5 Games drew attention to the design of the game interface and simplified the application of all your betting solutions. You can also set startup options and turn sound on and off – so why not play Mozart’s opera while spinning?

Bonus Games and Symbols

  • Free games

In the Figaro online slot for casinos, you will be offered free games as soon as you receive three scatter symbols with the inscription “Free games” on the last 3 reels. You will be provided with 2 to 7 free games if five paylines are active. You will be provided with 5 to 7 free games if the paylines from 100 to 466 are active. In the free game, the wild symbol can also expand to the left to create additional winning combinations. When five Figaro symbols and a jackpot symbol appear on the game line, you will receive 1000 coins.

  • Multiplier

In this game, as in all free online slots real money, you can multiply your winnings by your desired multiplier. You can increase or decrease the multiplier using the meter.

There are other icons that will appear both during the main Figaro free slot machine and during additional moves. The name of the game and the Jackpot are written on these signs. The latter appears on the 1st reel, but when you add it to any other reel, both will receive good earnings. If you get 5 symbols with the logo of the game and 1 jackpot, you will earn 1000 coins. The second symbol is Wild, which replaces all other symbols on the reels.

The hero of the comic play created by Pierre Beaumarchais is in the game and is ready to help you! He is exceptionally savvy and helpful. If you play Figaro online slot machine, this tireless guy will help you win!

Pinocchio’s Fortune Is A True Gold

2by2 Gaming studio presented a magnificent video slot created based on the world-famous fairy tale about the adventures of Pinocchio. This free slot machine is called Pinocchio’s Fortune, and it is available in online casinos powered by Microgaming’s Quickfire platform.

General information

Pinocchio’s Fortune is a 3D video slot with thirty constantly active lines. The bet on each of these positions varies in the range from one to fifteen coins with a face value of 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10 or 0.20 euros. The spin is accepted up to ninety euros.

On the screen, the pictures are arranged in three rows. Accordingly, thirty available lines run through fifteen positions (3×5). For the formation of a paid sequence, several identical pictures (at least three) should be in close proximity to each other on a single line. At the same time, they should begin with the first drum on the left.

In each such chain, only the highest combination is considered winning. To calculate the payout amount, its coefficient (all of them are listed in the table and reach x1000) is multiplied by the line rate. If you have read a Jonny Jackpot casino review, you know that Pinocchio’s Fortune’s doubling round is not provided, therefore all winnings accrued for the spin are immediately transferred to the main account at the end of it.


On the screen of the Pinocchio’s Fortune slot, there are pictures depicting some of the main characters of the tale: Pinocchio, Jepetto, and the Blue Fairy. Also on them, you can see a chisel, gold coins, books, a house, a golden key and other items related to the plot of this story. Some pictures are endowed with special features.

  • Wild (Pinocchio on the ropes) is of particular interest to players because it is able not only to form combinations itself but also helps to compose them from other pictures (except bonus ones), replacing the missing elements in the chains. To do this, of course, he must fall out in a suitable position.
  • Bonus (Blue Fairy) appears on only three middle reels. When three of these symbols appear simultaneously in similar positions, the Find Gepetto prize round begins. Read about his rules below.
  • Bonus (Pinocchio) is not tied to active lines and forms paid combinations regardless of the location on the screen. Payouts on them are calculated based on the total bet per spin. Three, four or five of these pictures give you the right to participate in eight, twelve or sixteen free spins, respectively. The game in them is at the last rate but makes it a casino.

During these rotations, all Pinocchio images appearing on the reels will be counted. There can be up to fifteen. Upon completion of free spins, an additional screen with fifteen cells will open. You can open as many of them as you collect Pinocchio. Each position will give you some kind of payout, partially dependent on the bet at which you played.

Pinocchio’s Fortune by 2by2 Gaming is a video slot that is pleasant in all respects with cool features, high-quality three-dimensional graphics, an intuitive and user-friendly interface, numerous combinations and a host of other advantages. We definitely recommend testing it.

Is Someone Brave Enough To Take On Bridezilla?

The wedding commotion may not always end enchantingly and happily, so get ready for surprises in the Bridezilla slot. The basis of the theme of the slot machine is a beautiful wedding ceremony, which is under threat of disruption, as the dear bride has turned into a monster and wants to destroy her groom. An incredibly original story awaits you, which will allow you to enjoy the fun adventures of the groom at your own wedding. A complicated story, of course, will turn into a happy end, and you will remain very rich after playing on this slot.

General Information

The slot machine was developed by Microgaming, so there is no doubt about the quality of the graphics, it is at the highest level and very different from the classic free old slot machines. The special design of the game is represented by various wedding symbols: bells, cake, bouquet, church, car, and other attributes. Each of them has a very beautiful design and animation, so the gameplay will bring a lot of pleasant emotions. And also in the slot machine, there is a very funny musical accompaniment, which makes the game exciting and gives it a certain romanticism. Playing on the five reels of the Bridezilla slot is very profitable, as there are 243 ways to get payouts in the game.


In the Bridezilla gaming slot, as well as in all Casino Action casino games, each visitor will find a very original and profitable game. Here you can easily cope with the management since the presence of 243 payment methods for winning combinations will allow you to quickly place a bet and start the game. First of all, click on the “Bet” button: a drop-down list will appear in which you need to indicate the face value of the coin and the number of coins for the bet. Next, click on the bouquet of red roses, which will launch the game reels. The automatic game mode is launched using the “Autoplay” button but in order to get acquainted with the size of the winnings, use the “View pays” button. By the way, the size of the winnings depends on the bet, so, having opened the payout table, the rewards change with the bet change. But even with a minimum bet, you can make good money because the Bridezilla slot machine is very generous to the players.

The unusual theme of the Bridezilla gaming slot by Microgaming offers you fun. The romance of the wedding day will be spoiled by a crazy bride who, however, is very generous. You can make good money because the video slot has a huge number of additional options and a high percentage of return. Special free spins of the game drum bring incredible payouts, and wild and scatter symbols allow you to increase the loss of winning combinations.

Get A Chance To Experience Magic of the Ring

The name and protagonist of the Ring Magic video slot by Wazdan is a clear reference to John Tolkien’s famous fantasy saga. Judge for yourself: a magical ring dotted with mysterious inscriptions with incredible capabilities, a gray-haired sorcerer with a staff, a fire-breathing dragon – allusions are obvious. However, something similar can be found in most novels of this genre. In any case, this is an interesting and entertaining slot that many players will surely enjoy.

General Information

In the Magic of the Ring slot. there are five reels and twenty active bands that are constantly involved. Symbols are located on the screen on a 5×3 grid. The rate on the strip is from one cent to five euros (0.20 – 100 euros per round).

The list of gameplay functions consists of basic pictures, a joker / scatter, a risk game for doubling payouts and free spins with expanding icons. Standard combinations are made on used strips from several identical elements. Continuous chains should start from the first column. The longest sequence for each position is taken into account. Winnings are calculated by factors from x5 to x5000, which are multiplied by the line bet.

The doubling round starts at the request of the client. If you read the Energy Casino review, you will know that a sorcerer appears on an additional screen with two chests floating in the air. Choose one of them. If there are jewels, the payout will double. If it is empty, you will lose the current bid. The contract can be played several times. Recall that here the chances of winning are 50:50. The casino has no superiority.


The wizard, castle, dragon, shield, and ax, as well as card denominations, form combinations according to the rules described above.
Otherwise, the ring acts:

  • Scatter is paid, falling in any positions. Winnings are calculated at a total rate. From three scatters start free spins.

Bonus Games

  • Free spins

Three, four or five scatters trigger ten free spins. Before they start, one icon is selected. It will expand to the entire column and be paid like a scatter. The scatter acts as a joker during rallies. Free spins can be extended.

Mobile version

If you do not part with your smartphone and like gambling in mobile casinos, you will be glad to know that the slot is available in this format thanks to Wazdan efforts. Run it on any device running on one of the most popular platforms. In this version, the general rules do not change. All major features are also available.

The plot and symbols of the game cannot be called original, but the device captivates with its design and gameplay features.

  • Pros: colorful design, catchy animation, choice of the level of volatility, exciting free spins with bonuses;
  • Cons: high system requirements, a commonplace topic, an uncomfortable section with the rules.

Dragon Kingdom Shares Its Treasures

Yes, you are not mistaken. Another online video slot dedicated to dragons has appeared in online gambling. This model, called the Dragon Kingdom, was released by Playtech. But do not rush to conclusions. Its only banal aspect is the subject matter (and even the name). The rest of the developers have tried their best. So you will find really exciting gameplay, great graphics, and a convenient interface.

The Dragon Kingdom is a free slot machine with five reels and twenty lines. Users can choose for themselves the best Playtech casino to play and how many lines to play, and a bet on one of them can be from twenty cents to five hundred euros. This means that the most affluent and risky customers of the casino can play on the slot machine, putting up to ten thousand euros per spin. Dragon Kingdom video slot from PlayTech has special symbols, free launches, payout multipliers, and the Split function, which allows you to create combinations of six characters. There is no risky double-up game.


Dragon Kingdom video slot has a very beautiful interface. The drums rotate on the background of a blood-red sunset, the name is written in carved letters, all the characters are carefully drawn. Pay attention to custom settings. With their help, you can make some changes to the gameplay.


On the screen of the Dragon Kingdom slot, you will see a dragon, a magician, a sorceress, a book with spells, bottles with multi-colored potions, as well as stylized designations of denominations of playing cards from ten to ace.
There are three special symbols in the Dragon Kingdom slot machine: Wild (green dragon), Scatter (castle floating in the air) and Split (red dragon egg).

  • Split falls only on the fifth reel. It can be divided into two separate symbols of a winning combination so that it turns into a combination of six images. Valid during normal and free spins.
  • Wild forms combinations with large coefficients according to the general rules of the Dragon Kingdom slot, and also replaces other symbols (except Split and Scatter) if it turns out to be in a suitable position for this.
  • Scatter is paid regardless of the location on the screen. Three, four or five such symbols give a payout of 6, 66 or 666 total bets per spin.

In addition, they give the right to fifteen free spins with a dynamic multiplier. This means that each new launch starts with an arbitrary multiplier from x2 to x5. If he wins, the next multiplier increases by one step.

Despite the banal theme, Dragon Kingdom slot can be considered one of the most interesting slot machines from Playtech. He pleases with a cool set of options, huge payout ratios, excellent design. The main advantages of the gameplay of the Dragon Kingdom slot are Split and Free Spins with multipliers and an additional Wild.

Gather Your Own Blackjack Party

Blackjack Party, developed by Evolution Gaming, has a completely unusual game format that allows players to feel among friends. Players at the table can talk to a pair of female and male dealers who run the table on any topic and ask almost any questions not related to the game. Dealers tell jokes and behave as if they were a couple of talk show hosts. The only drawback is that there seems to be no moderation in the chat, and this openness sometimes leads to an increased risk of abuse or spam. If you are looking for a live dealer online blackjack best gambling soft supplier we recommend you paying attention to the Evolution Gaming company.

Game Rules

The game is played with 8 card decks, and the goal of the game is to beat the dealer without going bankrupt. The basic rules that you must consider when choosing the optimal action (Hit, Stand, etc.):

  • dealer stands on hard and soft 17’s
  • doubling any two starting cards
  • separation is allowed only once per hand without doubling
  • Blackjack pays 3 to 2
  • any bound hands are considered push
  • insurance is paid 1 to 1 and is offered on the ace of the dealer.

Side bets

The game has two different side bets, which can be made additionally in addition to the regular bet. Side bets count independently; This means that you can, for example, go bankrupt, but at the same time win a side bet. There are two side bets:

  • Perfect pair

You will win an extra bet if your starting cards are a pair of any kind: two cards of the same suit (two queens of hearts), two cards of different suits of the same color (6 peaks + 6 clubs) or a pair of different colors and costumes (8 hearts + 8 peaks) . The highest payout for a side bet is 25: 1.

  • 21 + 3

You will win if your first two cards and the dealer’s open card create a combination similar to that used in poker, for example, “Three of a Kind” (three identical cards of different suits), “Flash” (three different cards). the same suit), etc. The highest payout with an additional bet of 21 + 3 is 100: 1.

Mobile version

The mobile experience is very good, but there are a few key differences. Of course, the small screen will make you take a closer look, and the experience may not be as bright as that of a computer. However, portability is certainly an important factor when you want to quickly play blackjack on the go. The disadvantage is that the chat window, for example, can cover your screen more than it should – also some buttons are obviously a bit more difficult to access, this is what you need to know. The above differences should be taken into account.

Gnome Wood Is Magical And Fool Of Treasures

Rabcat Studio does not often indulge in releases its fans. In the portfolio of the creator of the famous multi-level slots, Castle Builder and Castle Builder II are just a few models, but all of them are incredibly entertaining, very exciting, and always original.

In September 2017, the Gnome Wood online slot machine was added to the list of gambling companies, which will introduce us to the tiny gnome. Our hero saddled the jerboa and drives around him through the fairy forest. It has magical powers, so be prepared for miracles when you will play in Lucky Nugget casino online both for money and for free.

Gnome Wood is a gaming machine with five reels, twenty-five fixed bands and fifteen pictures on the screen. The bet per round ranges from twenty-five cents to fifty dollars (0.01 – 2 dollars per line). It has ten basic pictures, two types of jokers, scatters, bonus respins, free spins, a double game, and additional features.

Among the thematic symbolism that the user will meet on the playing field is the magic Book of spells; the main characters are the dwarf and his loyal friend, the jerboa; bowler, mysterious crystals and amulets. There are also images of the northern runes, which embody the power of the four elements.

Standard icons make the paid sequences only from right to left on active lines. It requires at least three identical images. If there are more of them in the chain, the prize is charged for the maximum option. For each of the available combinations, there is a separate coefficient from x3 to x1000. It is multiplied by one lane bet.


Gnome Wood uses special symbols:

  • Wandering wild – This is a combination of only five elements. It acts as a joker, replacing other pictures in chains, with the exception of scatters.
  • Wandering x2 Wild – It performs the same functions as regular Wandering Wild but doubles the odds if it participates in the formation of a winning sequence.
  • Free spins scatter – This triggers free spins when three such elements appear somewhere on the screen.

Bonus Games

Now let’s discuss the bonus features of the video slot:

  • Bonus spins – If Wild appears on the screen, payments are first made for all combinations. Then the re-spins of the casinos are started. With each respawn, the joker shifts one position to the left. When he disappears beyond the playing field, the round will end. Extra Wild prolongs the rally.
  • Free spins – From the three scatter begin ten spins, in which the rate for the player makes the institution. Jokers can also play respin.
  • This slot from Rabcat has numerous advantages. Among them are funny symbols, excellent graphics, impressive animated videos, tempting respins, profitable series of free spins, special features of jokers and user-friendly interface.

Who Are Evolution Gaming?

Evolution Gaming was founded in 2006. A distinctive feature of this company is its focus on creating games with real croupiers for online casinos. We must admit that Evolution Gaming succeeded in this. Today, the company’s clients include such well-known brands as 888, Bettsson, William Hill, Mr. Green, Unibet, and others.

Activities Evolution Gaming is certified by the Alderney Gambling Commission. And the fairness of the results of games is regularly checked by an independent auditor by TST.


Evolution Gaming platform meets the highest standards of the industry. Here are its main advantages:

  • Best video quality (full HD)
  • The convenient interface that is easy for even a beginner to get used to.
  • The latest technologies that allow you to regularly update the software, making it even more functional and effective
  • Back office with the ability to manage users, assign bonuses, receive reports and chat.
  • Certificate of Industry-leading Testing and Auditing Organization – NMI

Promotions and bonuses

Evolution Gaming offers a wide range of promotions that operators can offer players. For example, players can win continuously for a certain amount of time, participate in contests and sweepstakes, or play games dedicated to world sporting events. It helps to attract new players, retain existing ones, increase profits and improve the image of the casino.

Games and software

As noted above, Evolution Gaming specializes in developing games for Evolution Gaming casinos that create an atmosphere of being in a real casino. The company creates games for online casinos, games for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, and television games. Evolution Gaming organizes live game broadcasts from a specially built studio in Riga and from land-based casinos.

Evolution Gaming offers the following types of games: online baccarat, online roulette, and online blackjack and online hold’em. There are also variants of these games for mobile devices. We want to emphasize that all these games are conducted live with real croupiers. A distinctive feature of this company is its focus on creating games with real croupiers for online casinos.

It works as follows: the player enters the game in one of the online casinos. Let’s say it will be a tape measure. A roulette field will be located on the screen and a window above it, which will be broadcast live from the casino hall. Since we are talking about roulette, in the foreground a player will see a table with a real tape measure and a croupier. The player makes bets on his screen for a certain time, because the game is in real-time and no one is waiting for anyone. After the bets are made, the croupier launches the ball. The player will have the opportunity to observe his rotation and see which number he will fall into.

Throughout the game there is an opportunity to communicate with the dealer using the chat, or rather, you will write, and the croupier will answer you and you will hear it in your columns.


Evolution Gaming offers gaming support in English and some other languages. On the company’s website, there is a lot of information about the legal component of the gameplay, but there is no information that players from any country are not allowed to play.